Friday, June 27, 2008

Just an FYI

I wanted to pass along to you all a bit of computer info from my handsome and completely computer savvy husband. If you ever leave your email address in a blog post comment or even a post you need to put some random spaces in it or something. There are computer programs designed to surf sites, blogs too, and grab email addresses to add to junk mail list of ALL kinds if you know what I mean. The programs are designed to search and retrieve words followed by the @ and words followed by the . com so here is the way John told me to write them to protect my email address.
amyjanecook at gmail dot com


The Kelly Family said...

thanks for that suggestion - i fixed it on my post - who knew so many people are out to get us??!!

Nikki said...

OK, so I just read your comment on our blog about John's job and your visit to us in the fall. You didn't even tell me on the phone. I guess I was talking about myself the whole time. Sorry I didn't even ask. We have got to get better about keeping up more regularly!!! We miss you so much, and I was jealous hearing about all of your hang out time with the Browns. However, I am thankful that God has provided such a sweet friendship with you guys as you recover from us leaving:) We'll talk soon!!!