Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Please Pray with Us....

Today Jake went back for his follow up on his ear infections/hearing loss.  He was suppose to go the week I fell but we had to reschedule that appt.  I almost didn't take him today because I assumed he was doing fine.  Well he isn't....  His ears are still full of fluid and non of his hearing has returned.  We have just assumed he was ignoring us.  And to be quite honest we just haven't thought much about it with all the other drama the last few weeks.  So the doc put him on a steroid, nasal spray, antibiotic and a antihistamine to try to clear it up.  He said if it is not clear in a month we will have to do surgery to put tubes back in his ears so they will drain.  He has had the surgery before and did fine.  The catch this time is our insurance won't cover it.  The new insurance we have will not cover tubes, adenoids or tonsils for the first year and we are only 3 months into that first year.  But if the doc can't get the ears to drain it will have to be done or he will sustain long term hearing loss.  So please pray with us that his ears clear up completely in spite of pollen and allergy season and all the drainage that comes with that.  I am very thankful for your faithful prayers for my family the last few months.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Yes It Happened!!!

I had a GREAT week Mon-Thurs of last week!!! I felt good, got out of the house and got lots of stuff done around here.  And then Thursday night happened.....

Brady fell at the bottom of the stairs and hit his head on the banister and gashed his head.  It wasn't too bad - just tragic.  He only needed one staple to close the gaping spot.  So we are thankful.  And then later that night........

When I got home and got Brady in bed I felt literally beat up.  My chest starting hurting and I spent 10-12pm thinking I was dying.  Labor pains did not hurt this bad. I have had about 4 of these "episodes" in the last 2 months.  They are usually gone in 45 minutes tops.  But these didn't stop they only got worse and were accompanied by nasuea (which always happens), chills, and shortness of breath (that haven't happened before).  It was quite scary.  So at midnight I called Kendall - our cousin at Samford to come stay with the kids and I went to the ER.  Luckily, JK had been here taking care of Jake while we were at the ER.  When I started having the chest pains he stuck around.  So once again he came to the rescue while John was in NY.  We are so thankful that he is our family away from family.  This picture he took because he thought it was quite humerous how quickly my face changed with the morphine.  I was in such intense pain I couldn't even write down my meds and address.  And when they gave me the morphine within seconds I felt releif.  He said my face was funny as it relaxed.  Glad he found humor in it.  So after a couple hours of blood work, xrays, EKG, and who knows what else they ruled out my heart and said it seemed quite healthy.  The doctor seems to think it is a GI problem - maybe an ulcer.  I am going to get it checked out as soon as I can get in with a GI doc.  But I also worry that it is just one more way that my body may be absorbing stress.  By the time I got home from the ER with Brady I was covered in hives.  So we shall see.  I will write more about this later. 
I am doing fine now.  Once they pass I am ok.  I was frustrated that I spent money on the ER considering my fall cost us about 2500 out of pocket on top of all the other doc appts we have had lately.  But it hurt THAT bad!!!! 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am feeling better this morning.  John took all the laundry downstairs for me this morning.  I started downstairs and I became very fearful.  If you have ever been in a car wreck it is that feeling you get when you get back in the car/behind the wheel again for the first time.  I was unsure of my footing, afraid of falling again.  The whole time I was down there I was shakey.  Oh well, this will pass.  I am a 32 year old with good balance.  This was a "freak" thing. 
Hope you have a good day :)

Monday, March 15, 2010


Last Tuesday,  I tripped on a rug in our basement and fell face first into the bumper of our truck.  Immediately, I knew I had broken at least one tooth.  I had Jake run upstairs and get my phone and I proceeded to make several phone calls until I got in touch with a neighbor who came and got the boys.   I called John and he called JK (close family friend) who came and got me.  Once I got the bleeding stopped and the boys gone and I could calm down I decided I did not need to go to the ER.  So I went to our sweet doctors office.  He already knew what had happened.  John had called him to see what to do.  (thankfully he is a great friend of ours :))  He looked at me and gave me some pain meds and sent me on to a dentist.  The first assessment from the dentist was 1 tooth is broken off about half way and 4 more are cracked or dislodged.  But because of all the swelling he could not make a clear assessment.
So on Thursday, I went back to the dentist and on to an orthodontist and on to an oral surgeon that said my tooth had to come out the next morning.  I had broken the tooth at the root and fractured my jawbone.  And to top off our day John started having chills and fever while sitting in the waiting room.  So our sweet doc met him at his office at 7pm and gave him 2 shots.  My parents came to get the boys.  I had surgery Friday morning to extract my top front tooth.  This is not the broken tooth.  So for a while I will be wearing a mouth brace with part of my front tooth in it.  (This is until the site heals). 
I have felt better today but tonight the actual hole is really hurting.  It could just be that I haven't had pain meds all day and I actually feel more.  So could you please pray that there will be no infection and that all will heal properly.  Tonight is disheartening because today was a good day. 
My dad brought the boys back Saturday afternoon and this is their spring break.  Thankfully John is home but please pray for patients in the Cook house this week. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Surgery - Please Pray

I am having surgery in the morning.  I had an accident earlier this week involving my face and the front bumper of my truck.  I am drugged right now and can't go into details.  Please pray for the surgery to go well.  John is sick - please pray the shots he got tonight will make him feel better. More details later.
Love you all

Monday, March 8, 2010


Yet another week starts at the Cook house with sickness.  This week began with a dreadful stomach virus.  Yesterday within 3 hours me, Jake and John all got wiped out.  Sadly, John was on a plane on the way to NY for the week.  I called my sweet neighbor and her husband went to the store for us to stock up on 7up, gaterade and crackers.  It lasted through the night but we are recovering today.  I am weak and EXTREMELY sore.  Brady went to school today so Jake and I have laid around all day. 
Please pray for healing for our family.  This is week 8 of sickness for this house.