Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Do you have EYE - STORIES?

So this morning Jake comes and gets in the bed with us and this is the conversation that followed:

J- Mommy does Buzz Lightyear have a dad?

M- I don't know if he does or not. Why?

J- Mommy do you know what an eye story is?

M- No bud I don't - what is it.

J- Well mommy and eye story is when you go to bed and you close your eyes to go to sleep and you see a story in your eye. Does this ever happen to you mommy?

M- yes bud and they are called dreams.

J - does daddy have dreams to?

M- Yes

J- do all people have dreams?

M- yes

J - I have those sometime when I close my eyes but not all the time. Last night my eye story was about buzz lightyear and his dad.

I am constantly amazed watching him make sense of his world. He left today to go spend 10 days with his aunt and cousins in Colorado. Last night John ask him if he was excited and his response was "daddy do you know what not really means?" John said what do you think it means. Jake said "not really means that you are kinda excited about going and having fun but you are worried that you will miss your mommy and daddy."

He's 4!!!!!

Anyway, hope you have sweet eye stories tonight!!!


Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

love it! that is too sweet~i bet him and lucy could have some pretty interesting conversations!

The Kelly Family said...

that is absoultely adorable! he is such a THINKER... i wonder where he gets that from??!!

Michael and Kim said...

How precious is he. Missed you at the play group this morning!


Momof3 said...

Jake is having a GREAT time with his cousins. Jake and Anna are so close, they are having so much fun! You would never know they are just 4! Thanks for letting him come visit us in Colorado!

Shane, LaJuan, Jocelyn and Gabrielle said...

Awww! what a cute conversation you guys had! And yes, Delta and BK introduced us to Gino's when we lived with them several years ago and we are BIG fans! I can't eat it right now b/c Gabrielle's reflux...sad, sad, tear, tear...

Kristin said...

I love it! What an adorable dialogue... Scrapbook that one!

Holly S. said...

O my goodness, that is too cute!