Thursday, July 3, 2008

My New Piece of Heaven

Last Saturday John and I took the boys to breakfast at a place we had heard about in Bluff Park called the Tip Top Diner. It immediately became a favorite place for me. Nothing fancy about the Diner - it was not the food that did it for me. It was the view. When we sat down I told John that the view and the breeze - oh the sweet breeze reminded me of Denver. John's response was "are you kidding me?" OK so maybe not nearly as beautiful as the views in Denver but as close to it as I will get in Birmingham Alabama.
Anyway, thanks to my gracious mother in law, John and I are child free for 2 days. So today, I went to spend the morning at the Tip Top Grill wrestling with God over my oh so heavy heart. I sat outside and put my headphones in and begin to pray, journal and just be with God trying to make sense of how he is working in the last day. (Most everyone reading this knows about our friends and former co-workers Billy and Hope Atchison's tragic loss of their daughter.)
Well as you all, and myself, know that I once again walked away with God reminding me that His ways are not my ways and His thoughts are not mine. But I can not say, thankfully, that this is all I walked away with from my sweet sweet time with my Savior. Today, his creation and things within His creation were what He used to fill my heart with HOPE. I hope you have time to read below to find out more. I pray that you are encouraged as well.

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