Saturday, August 23, 2008

Burrito Brady

So I haven't been sleeping much lately and I ask John if I could sleep in this morning. When the kids got up he put a fan by my head so I couldn't hear them and let me sleep. A little bit later he cam in the door with Brady crying. I, halfway awake, ask what was wrong and I thought I heard him say "I am getting something to wash Brady's eye with." So I laid back down and he left the room. A second later he came and said "Your gonna have to help me hold him down." So a little confused I get up and walk in the kitchen, my contacts dry and blurry. I look up and John and Brady are covered in blood. I don't think a part of Brady's face didn't have smeared blood on it. So John holds him down and I attempt to clean it up so I can see how bad it is. Wasn't happening. So we took a beach towel and wrapped him up like a burrito as you can see below. This was the second wrapping after the trip to walmart for supplies so no blood is present. From our trips to the ER with Jake we have learned a thing or two about the need for stitches and how to handle this situation. We decided that Brady didn't need stitches, although, I am a little worried but John seems convinced. Jakes last trip looked way worse than this and they used the liquid stitch so that is what we opted for this time to.
In case your wondering, John said Brady was just rolling around in the floor and hit the corner of the TV cabinet. He just got it the right way and it split his eye open. He is doing ok now. It is already blue and swollen but he is asleep in his daddy's arm still wrapped in his burrito.


Lindsey said...

poor guy! glad he is doing okay now. i'm sure that was a scary sight to awake to. so glad you guys stopped by on friday. we loved hanging out! jake left his dinosaur but we'll be sure and bring it the next time we see you.

Kristin said...

Bless his little heart! I'm so sorry! I'm going to tuck that wrapping-child-up-in-towel-to-restrain-him techique away and pull it out whenever the situation may call for it!