Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is Best really Best?

As a young Christian, any time I would make decisions for my life, I was constantly ask by mentors in my life "Which of these decisions is the best?"  Many of you may have heard the saying that making decisions in your life usually does not involve deciding between a good and bad decision but rather a better and best decision.  Every time I say yes to one thing, there are several things that become an automatic no as a result of that one yes. All of those No's have to be factored into deciding on the best YES. 
John and I are in the processes of praying through some hard decisions for our family - I will share more later as they come together. We feel as though God is giving us some answers and well, for me they are hard to swallow.  Last night, we were talking after a CRAZY whirlwind day. I had time to gather my thoughts from the day and I confessed to John that I was sad about some of these decisions.  He ask me if I was "too sad?"  My response to him was that I knew that this decision would be the best for our family and for the long haul of our life but to me nothing about it felt "best."  He ask me what I meant.  Well, I had a hard time describing the word best without using best to describe itself. (weird I know).  Usually when I think about best I think that it is a good thing - not bad or sad.  John, in his wisdom, said that he didn't always see that.  Shocked, I ask him what he meant.  He said that making best decisions while walking with God and deciding to glorify Him with our lives has always meant sacrifice and in his flesh there is nothing best about sacrifice.  This was profound for me in that moment.  It helped me see that I was gazing at my circumstance and only glancing at God.  I very much long for the reverse to be true in my life - gazing at God and glancing at my circumstances.  
"Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in his wonderful face,
Then the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace."

Please pray for me in the next few days that I would walk toward my BEST - Jesus and that all of the other things would be put into perspective in light of Him and His kingdom.


April Brown said...

what's best isn't always what's easiest... I'll be praying for you guys!!


Kristin said...

I'll be praying.