Monday, August 4, 2008

Straddling the Fence

This is a rambling so proceed at your choosing:
I am not one to straddle the fence.  My personality lends itself to be all or nothing especially in the areas of my deep convictions and I sincerely struggle with learning how to operate outside of this thinking.  Lately, John and I have spent much time discussing my gifting and what I feel God is calling me to do with my life and time. (not that I have much "extra time") Mainly, we are thinking in light of the future more so than the present.  Through these conversations I have really begin to put words to my heartbeat.  It is quite funny to me because today I realized some of my heart's desire is so contrary to my personality in many ways (if that makes sense?) 
Since leaving college ministry, John and I have had countless discussion of what we want our life to look like regarding family and personal ministry.  There are various schools of thought out there about this.  When we went to parent orientation for Briarwood Christian School a few months ago the superintendent said that usually Christian schools fall out on 1 of 2 sides of the spectrum - strong education or strong Christian morals and value.  Very few do great at both of them.  I see this to be true with parenting and building God's kingdom.  We have those that choose to protect their children from life and sin and thus create almost an island with their family and have no conviction for building the Kingdom outside the 4 walls of their home.  Then there are those who forsake teaching and training and discipling their children for the sake of building the Kingdom not seeing that their home is their first importance even in ministry.  (you know children of these parents are called "pastors kids")
So my desire for our family is to learn to straddle the fence.  I long to learn and discover what this looks like on a daily basis.  How do I teach and train my children but also minister to a lost world.  I don't think that it is impossible but I do think that timing is EVERYTHING from a mom's standpoint.  So please don't read this and get overwhelmed because you know this is not where you are.  I think that many stages of a mom's life lends itself to nothing outside of the home. But not just me as a mom - how does our family do this? How do we purposefully engage our culture now - not later?  Just today I was reading in John where Jesus tells the disciples to open their eyes and see that the harvest is ripe.  But oh the laborers are few.    So what does all this look like in life?  How do we/I become good at both without forsaking either? Any ideas?
Side note - I know that this is the reason that I am passionate about being organized.  Because I see all the benefits of  freed up space in my mind.  I don't have to think about what I need to do tomorrow for the most part because I have a routine.  I can, for the most part, schedule time with people on the spot because I know when I am available without having to drop the other important things in the week.  The mundane things for me become mindless and allow me time to think about other things.

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Kristin said...

What a perfect word picture... "Straddling the Fence." I want to do that, too. I was just thinking about how to find that balance. Straddling the fence while having both feet firmly on the ground -- on either side. Good thoughts. I think one way to find the balance is to find ways to meet families where they are with our families... Brainstorm! And you're right -- organization keeps it from being boggling and overwhelming.