Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My sweet friend April calls Brady this every time he does something silly so I thought if quite fitting to title this post Bradykins...because he is silly.

Brady has started wanting to pray like Jake does at meals so we started off doing the little "God our Father" song that Jake learned at Mothers day out a few years ago.  Then we moved on to teaching him to talk to God.  So now he walks around saying Goooddd, help me.  I so hope this will be his battle cry for the rest of his life and every time I hear him say it I pray that for him.  Well, the other morning he was sitting in the living room floor playing by himself.  No one was watching or listening to him (so he thought) and he meshed the two.  He began to sing the words "God help me" to the tune of God our father.  I thought well that works to...good job Brady.  Well then for the silliness.  But the crazy thing is he wasn't being silly for anyone, he just said it and went on about his business.  Well the next line of the little song is We thank you, we thank you.  Well Brady seem that his jingle sounded better:

God help me, God help me
Cockedoodle do, Cockedoddle do.

Kids say the darnedest things!!!!


Jena said...

That is HILARIOUS- I Love it. Hey, it sounds good too. I might have to sing that one tomorrow morning before breakfast.

Kristin said...

Love it! Very spiritually profound! What a cutie!