Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Here

So we are semi moving at the end of this week.  We have decided that our family does not do well in between.  It is just not how I am wired and we have the option to head on to Kennedy and get this next year and half moving.  So our plan is to head out this weekend.  We will be staying with my parents for a few weeks while we knock out the house work and then we will come back and move our stuff.  Yesterday and today I have been really sad and cried alot.  I just read a quote on a friends Facebook page that has been a breath of fresh air for my heavy heart today:

"Wherever you are be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God." - Jim Elliott

I strongly believe this to be the will of God for our family.  It is the very best but it makes me very sad.  I just didn't expect it and wasn't prepared for it and I just thought we were done.  As I read this quote I decided that I have to make a decision.  So I decided to be all there and to enjoy it.  
My prayer is that I will delight greatly in the boys that God has given me - all 3 of them.  They are wild at heart and this new home will be an amazing playground with a different adventure around every corner. I want to be all there with them and experience there adventure with them rather than sitting on the sidelines sulking because I would rather be somewhere else.  This weekend we were there and Jake and Brady spent 2 ENTIRE days outside.  They were completely filthy but loving life at the end of the day.  My heart is so sad as I walk away from some long needed friendships that are really taking shape as of late.  I fear that God is not good enough to me to preserve them until I return or replace them with equal ones if these do not continue.  I stink at keeping in touch - singleminded!!!!  So I ask that if and when you think of me over the next few months that you would pray that I would choose every day to enjoy what I believe to be God's will for my life.  I want to fight for contentment and find it in my Father and not my circumstances.


Nikki said...

We'll be praying for you guys! I am excited to see what this new adventure brings:) We Love you guys!

Kristin said...

I'm praying, too, Amy. I feel like our friendship has been "preserved" for lots of years, and whenever we find ourselves in a place where we can really delve into it, it won't take any effort at all...!! He'll preserve those friendships. He really will.

And I know what you mean about enjoying watching your boys running free! It IS wonderful, and they will LOVE it! John David has big adventures every day outside, and I wouldn't have it any other way! It's PERFECT for a boy, and I've found that it's very good for my SOUL, as well.

Jena said...

oh, my friend- my heart sank as I read this. I will miss you and I will pray for you every time I read your blog...I promise.
This is going to be a great adventure and you will be settled before you know it. Keep us updated through your blog. I will miss you but I know we will be together again one day soon.
ps- anytime you are in b'ham, please, please stay with us.

April Brown said...

Hurry Home!! Jena and I might have to arm wrestle to see whose house you stay at when in town :)

We love you all!!!

Bragans said...

Amy, we are praying for you guys and had hoped to see you at church before the final move, but i understand not liking being in between. Please let us know when you are in town. i can only imagine how excited Jake & Brady are about having a yard and wide open spaces. Jim Elliott's quote couldn't be better at this time. Praying it for you!

alieta young casey said...

Oh, I love that quote, too. I'm behind on my blog reading, but know I've been praying for you all this past week and especially this weekend. How you holding up?