Monday, September 8, 2008

A Prayer for All Men

So this morning on the way to school Jake reminded me that we needed to pray.  I love this time with him and I love to hear him talk to God.  He is learning so much at school about how to just talk to God and to praise him.  It is sweet to a mamma's heart.  So back to this morning, this was part of his prayer:

"Loorrdd, I just want to ask you that all the people that don't have you in their heart would get you in their heart and Loorrdd, would you please hurry up and make Satan nice so that he will stop trying to make people do bad things."

 Then he continued to pray for his day like he'd been praying this prayer all his life.  
After his prayer we began about a 5 minute conversation about satan.  How did he get bad?, What color is he, what does his eyes look like, where does he live? under the ground? what is a spirit? how does he make people do bad things?  These moments are just priceless to me.

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