Sunday, November 23, 2008


Life for us is beginning to get into a rhythm. I must say that God has really done some great and unexpected things in our lives over the last month. When I look back on how God has orchestrated this move it really makes me glad that I have a DADDY who knows just what I need to know and when. He really never does give me more than I need to know for that moment. Let me fill you in....
When we left bham, I told John that I wanted us to just go to the little church here in Kennedy. I said that I didn't want to get involved in a church and that I wanted to remain members of bwood and try to semi stay involved. I felt that this was what I needed to hold on to in order to "be good" with where God was sending me. Also, I thought it would help me know for sure that this was short term.
So we get here and in a few weeks we are visiting John's family in Reform (about 20 minutes from here) and they tell us that they are getting a new pastor in there church and that we needed to meet him and his wife because they were our age and love the Lord. The more we heard about them the more John and I got excited about the possibilities of what God might be doing. Just this summer, John and I prayed (halfway) that God would raise up a pastor for this community that loved the Lord and had a vision for these people. This is such a hurting community and we have always had a heart for these people - our family. We never thought that God would be bringing us here to labor. We really thought it was just to pay off our debt but it seems that God had a much bigger plan.
Sometimes in my walk with the Lord I have seen him slowly open doors but this time I have watched them swing wide open with such great excitement it is unreal. God has laid before me and John a great opportunity to bring the gospel to this area. To help those that want to know God grow in their understanding of Him and to share the hope of God with those that don't know Him. We are so excited!!!!
A few months ago, I was trying to convince some friends of ours that live in a small town to move to bham. He said to me "Small town people need Jesus too!!!" In the last few weeks, God has really given me such a heart for these people. And the sweet thing is that he sent us a team to labor beside us. It is just another couple but it is WAY more than we thought we would have. God is sooo good!!!
I wanted to post some pics but that will be for another day. Out here in the boonies it takes FOREVER to upload with our Internet. It will have to be for a day we make it to the big city with the laptop. :)

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Nikki said...

How exciting to hear all that God is doing and has in store for you guys. We love you and we need to work out how we're going to see you in a few weeks! Oh yeah, the P.R. flag is what you see on top of our Christmas tree... Ben's part of decorating. It works for me:) Love you guys!