Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gentle Reminders

John and I have become pretty big fans of a pastor in Seattle - Mark Driscoll. In one of his sermons we were listening to recently he said that when he is disciplining his children he ask them a few questions as gentle reminders.
1. Who am I? - your daddy
2. How do I feel about you -you love me
Then he talks to them about how he is their daddy and he loves them and wants the very best for them and that they need to obey him because he always has their best interest at heart.

I think this gentle reminder is wonderful for all children, but especially in the training years with small children. This understanding parallels our relationship with God and it will be a concept that can easily transfer to obedience to God. I think it is very tangible as well at a young age. I think it easily can instill some key foundational beliefs into a child.

1. The shorter catechism's (which I have been told that children should know these by the age of 6 because they help to shape their worldview and understanding of God) question #4 ask - Why do we glorify God? Because he loves us and takes care of us. That answer is simple enough for a child to understand and it is the same as why the child should obey the parent. (yes as well it is commanded in scripture but this gives much more understanding to a curious child than because the bible says so.)

2. John 14:15 Jesus says that if you love me you will obey what I command. As a child begins to understand love and our love for us we can teach them that one of the best ways to show their love for us is to obey us. This will also transfer to their relationship with God. Loving God/Parents = obeying them.

We have started this with Jake and man how it has softened his heart more toward obedience. It is helping so much with the arguing and complaining. I think he is slowly understanding these truths.
Just a thought to share.


Kristin said...

Thanks for the thoughts! Always eager for discipline tips/strategies... Thanks, Amy.

littlestreetfighter's Mom said...

Candice Wideman turned me on to your blog and I enjoy visiting from time to time. You've got excellent resources listed that I'm going to check out. This is a great addition to a discipline 'ritual.' How important for our children to know that we discipline, not b/c we're angry, but b/c we love them. Keep the good stuff coming. ~jd

Lindsey said...

great thoughts and perspective. think i will try out with elle--we've been having a difficult time with whining, complaining, arguing. i have to say i haven't been much better though...