Sunday, March 15, 2009

Results of Some Recent Creative Therapy Sessions

You may laugh that I call this creative therapy. But for me it is very much therapy. When life gets overwhelming or I am struggling for whatever reason I need to create. I find great satisfaction in creating. This looks so different at different times and stages of my life. Those of you who frequented our apartment in Birmingham noticed that nothing - NOTHING hung on our walls. Brady was little when we moved in and he cried a lot and I just never found time to furnish it. This house we won't be in for long but I needed it to feel homey. I needed it to be warm and inviting and cheery all at the same time. Because we are trying to live cheaply I did not want to spend money for wall hangings so I just made some. I probably won't carry these with me when we leave but for now they each have a crazy significance to me. They are reminders for me of some very specific things.

My Bham friends who have frequented sips and strokes will recognize this tree. She has used it several times. Never been to sips and strokes but I went to the website and picked this one to make my own. There are several specific reasons:
1. I needed whimsical in my life. Some times I get in a rut with the same ole same ole and I needed something to look at that I might not pick most times in my life. This one is out of character for me and I just needed that.
2. It reminds me that my life is fleeting. Those little bubbles blowing off the tree symbolize my life to me. I want to live my life with purpose for I know I get one shot to leave a legacy.
3. As I look around me I see a lot of darkness and sin. This picture is somewhat contradictory. You wouldn't normally see bright and vibrant things coming from a black (dead) tree. This is my hope for this place that God has drawn our hearts to. That He will trade beauty for ashes and life for death. This picture gives me hope and reminds me not to waste my time on things that don't matter.

Again, I NEVER thought a picture like this would grace my walls. It seems that so much of my life has this thread running through it these days. NEVER THOUGHT!!!! This picture is in my kitchen. It wasn't suppose to turn out like this but it did. My inspiration for this was the header of this blog. It just makes me happy. But of course something in me needed pink in my life since it is FULL of green and blue. So this is how it ended. The verse written on there is one of the promises that I am holding tight to in my life right now... Ps 16:11 "You make known to me the path of life. In your presences there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore." It is my daily reminder that nothing and nowhere will make me happy. Only in his presence is fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore.

yes I know they are crooked. It is what happens in an old house when the door slams or the draft is stirring. My dad has a shop right down the road from here with a big bright light shining right into my bathroom window. There is a bush outside the window that has no leaves on it right now. At night if you leave the light off in the bathroom you can see the reflections of the empty branches on my blue bathroom wall. I just love looking at it - especially when the wind is blowing. I needed a big piece to go over my couch so I decided to paint these. It is very symbolic of the peacefulness that this home has provided for me. Something very unexpected in this move.
I have more but I need to get to church. John is speaking tonight and I think it might look bad if his wife either didn't show up or was late???


Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

amy-love, love, love these! i especially love the bird pic, did you decoupage that, it looks like scrapbook paper? i know what you mean my the creative therapy and painting...i love it! i may not be that great at it, but it is an outlet for me and i don't do it enough! i do, however have plans for a few things for the baby's room and can't wait to get them done. thanks for the inspiration! these are GREAT!

Amy said...

thanks Carrie!! The bird is decapauged. I just used scrap paper I had.

The Lotts said...

Amy, I am inspired by your creativity. I also love to paint but don't get around to it often enough. Seeing your paintings make me want to go the craft store and by some canvas! Your art is fun and very pretty! We miss you around here! -Deidre

alieta young casey said...

Wow, I am super impressed! I have just this year realized how looking at the beauty ministers to my soul, too. How lovely to have handmade, heartfelt beauty on your walls! And Lola would definitely approve the pink!

Lindsey said...

i forget how talented you really are! beautiful work! now i just might have to get you to do some contract "creative therapy" for my kids rooms:). miss you!

Kristin said...

wow!! i'm inspired! i've been in a creative rut, and this may have just done the trick to get me out!! thanks, amy!