Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Charlotte Mason

I had a few minutes today while everyone is napping and I found a post about why Charlotte Mason. This is the method I am starting with Jake this summer. Many have ask why this method and I have often said that I am still wrapping my head around it in order to explain my reasons. I think she did a great job explaining it - which means less work for me :):). If you are interested read here. Oh and for those interested the clan has arrived and things are great!!!


Donna said...

I love that website- I have grand plans to read up more on Charlotte Mason this summer and I've still never read well-trained mind. Hope you had fun with your house full- and you are right- that's how people lived- I never slept in a bed when I visited my grandparents- it was understood that kids hit the floor (and loved it) :)

Shelley said...

ok i am not totally overwhelmed. i know i have got to get on the ball with this homeschooling thing. ahhh! there is so much to read and comprehend