Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our School Year Schedule

After much consideration I have worked out our home school schedule for the next year. We did a little school here and there the last few months but I have decided that for the deep south spring time is better for a long school break than summer. At least while the boys are young. Some days during the last 6 weeks the boys would spend an entire day outside playing and exploring. Now that it is getting hot they are not enjoying it as much. We will still spend time outside but it will be in the mornings and evenings. I have also decided to do 6 weeks stints for the most part with a week break in between. The week off will give me time to do specific planning for next 6 weeks stint but it will give us time to plan outings and such. Remember we live in the sticks now so we can't just go spend a few hours at the zoo or mcwayne center.:) It also gives the boys a break in routine for some extra hard playing time which they really need at this age. I DO NOT want school to take away from freedom and exploration. I want their hearts to remain captivated by nature. So here is our schedule:
May 4-June 12 (1st 6 weeks)
June 15-19 - off (VBS at church)
June 22-July 31 (2nd 6 weeks)
Aug 3-7 off (annual beach trip for John's bday)
Aug 10-Sept 18 (3rd 6 weeks)
Sept 21-25 off (John and I are hoping to have an anniversary trip here if we have babysitters)
Sept 28-Nov 6 (4th 6 weeks)
Nov 9-20 (2 week fun unit on Thanksgiving)
Nov 23-Dec 4 off (thanksgiving and a week for xmas decorating and fun)
Dec 7-18 (2 week fun unit on Christmas)
Dec 21-Jan 8 off for Christmas
Jan 11-Feb 19 (5th 6 weeks)
Feb 22-26 off
March 1 - 12 (2 week fun Easter unit)
March 15- April 30 - Off for spring break!!!!

The breaks feel perfectly for our normal things in life. I love the freedom that homeschooling brings. Maybe this will inspire you to think outside the box :):)

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Donna said...

Love it- may print it and have it as a reference! I have a good homeschooling friend here who takes off spring and fall b/c it's just too pretty to be inside. We haven't figured out what exactly we are doing about next year. Marky may go to a 1/2 day kindergarten or just do homestuff. Even if he did the 1/2 day I would still school at home some. Oh decisions!!!!