Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jake the Prophet

Jake told me tonight that he wanted us to have 10 girls and 10 boys and then he proceeded to name them:
Guuurrls (as said by Brady):
Daisy, Jadey, Jeet, Cassie, Casey, Jones, Tasey, Twinkle, Anna Katherine, Caroline

Jake and Brady of course, Sam, Pierson, Jack, Sake, Noah, Jonah, Zack, Will

Not sure how I feel about this.


Jill said...

Love it, you can tell them that they can just love Jonah but can not have him and that will be minus one! Praying for you girl, I know those long hours with daddy working have got to be hard on you and the kids, but hopefully....just for a season! Love you! Thanks for your prayers too!

alieta young casey said...

Twinkle is my favorite. And Casey, natch! (: