Thursday, June 18, 2009

Missing Daddy

Most of our pics of the last few month are on my computer stored at a friends house so these will have to do :)
For the last year we have been blessed with John working from home. His schedule was so flexible most of the time so we really got to enjoy great time with him. It seems that we have gone from one extreme to another. With his work there have always been seasons when he is really busy. This was even true when he worked from home but then we still got to see him. We know this is just a short contract but the long hours he works right now are starting to be hard for the boys. Almost every day they ask about when daddy will be home and how many days until he gets to stay home for 2 days. Last night at dinner, Jake ask me if we had a real house would daddy be able to work there like he use to.
This morning our plans were thwarted because of the rain. We are still not fully equipped for life in NYC so we couldn't just load up and go somewhere for a rainy day. That just requires to much. So we are spending our 2nd day at home. Yesterday was great but not sure about 2 days in this small space. Jake has been really acting out this morning. Biting, pinching and hitting Brady. Very out of character for him. So the last time I just ask him why he was choosing to be unkind to his brother and he said he was really sad. He just started crying (real tears - not just the drama ones) He said he really missed his daddy and he didn't understand why he couldn't just work from home like he use to. Well of course mama didn't handle it well - I just started crying with him. It was good though. We just talked about how sometimes God puts things in our life that we don't like or want to be there. But that God is good and His plan for our life is the very best even when it doesn't seem that way. It was a good talk.
Times like that one are such teachable moments. They expose that void in our heart for what it really is. The reality that people in our lives that we so depend on and love will not always meet our needs - appear to fill that void. So Jake and I prayed and ask Jesus to make our sad hearts happy. That He would help us to learn to be content with what He has put in our life for this time. We talked some more but that was the gist of the conversation. All in all, I feel like we are transitioning really well though it hasn't been easy in any way. I have experienced God's grace at every corner but in very unexpected ways. He hasn't made it easy but He has carried us through it. Please just pray for our day today. That God would show up in Jake's heart and that he would fill that void that John being gone has made in his life. It makes me sad and it makes me want to fix it - but these times of void are great ways to see God work. Will you ask Him with me to work in Jake's heart?


alieta young casey said...

Praying for Jake and for you. Those times when Daddy is gone are hard~I've been there. But it makes the time together that much sweeter!

Angie Davis said...

wow, this made me teary. praying for you guys! look forward to continue reading in the future how the lord uses all of this in the next steps in your life!