Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Traditions

I know it is too late to pass these on for others to use this year. But give me some slack - I have moved twice this year - once being the last 2 months. So here is our Halloween traditions. We don't do a ton of special things for Halloween - at least not yet - maybe more later, who knows. But for now:

Each person has a special treats plate. Brady doesn't yet because I waited until this year for him to pick what he wanted and I haven't made it to the place to paint it yet - so next year. The kids love these!!!

I love my candy corn topiaries. (yes one of the foam pieces fell down) If you are interested in how to make them let me know. Also, the calendar is hand made though I got the idea from pottery barn kids last year. Our plan for this calendar has not come to fruition yet. Probably next year. I just did not have time and the boys really weren't old enough to understand how to do it. But what we are going to do is pray for whatever our children decides to be for Halloween. Like this year (which had we done it would have been a stretch) we would have prayed for truck drivers and Engineers that build robots. I got this idea from the book Redeeming Halloween. So we will try again next year but for now it was just a cute calendar that the boys loved.

Hope you had a great Halloween!!!


Jennifer said...

Thank you for mentioning that book! I think I'm going to have to get it. I have been struggling for the past month on what to do about Halloween as kids enter our family so I am super interested in reading it!!!

Donna said...

I love it. Although, I don't think I can decorate with candy corn- I would eat the stuff like crazy!! Your topiaries are precious.

Shelley said...

i need to read your blog daily. you have such cute ideas for holidays, traditions, decorating etc. but also I learn so much. you have much wisdom amy jane.