Friday, November 27, 2009

A Perfect Day

Our Thanksgiving Day was close to perfect. We stay home for this holiday now because our weekend following is full of our Christmas traditions and we want them to be special and simple. So traveling is out (we do make exceptions on occasion). So we invite family here. Yesterday, my parents and Uncle and Aunt and their grandchildren came for the day. John and I did most of the cooking. I can make a mean pot of chicken and dressing and can't taste it without missing my mawmaw from whom it originated. The visit with the extended family was great and they left late afternoon. We all put on pj's. The boys watched their new Santa buddies movie downstairs while John and I watched Four Christmases (HILARIOUS). Then we made a paper chain for one of our trees in with the boys. Had leftover dinner and watched chicken little as a family. At bedtime we all sat on the boys bed and talked about being thankful and what we were all thankful about each other. My heart is full!!!
After the boys went to bed, John and I cleaned up from the day. He cleaned the kitchen and I took down all of my fall decorations. For a split second last night I panicked because the living room is bare and it looked like we were packing house again. But we are not moving, just transforming the warm and cozies of fall into a winter wonderland. This is where my inner child finds great delight.
I am so thankful that God filled my heart with a glimpse of heaven yesterday. For that I am thankful!!


Danny and Jennifer White said...

Praise God for a peaceful day!

alieta young casey said...

love it! now post some pics of the winter wonderland. (: