Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I had to take Jake back to the doctor on Monday.  He has an outer ear infection that has proven to be quite painful.  I have had to medicate him every 3 hours since Monday.  He went back to school today for the first time since last Monday.  He made it all day.  Brady and I walked up to get him and when he saw me little tears were in his eyes.  He said mommy my ear hurts.  He said it hadn't started hurting till a little bit ago and his teacher told him I would be here soon.  So he is on the couch and probably down for the count.  He was very tired. 
Could you please just pray for God to heal Jake.  5 weeks ago this all started with a bad cold and has included stomach virus, strep throat, mono and an outer ear infection.  It makes me sad to see him feel so bad for so long.  I can not imagine being a momma of a terminally ill child who hurts all the time.  5 weeks is long enough - or so momma thinks. 

I sure hope that one day soon this blog will be more lighthearted and fun again.  It seems that it has been a VERY long time.  My cloud is lifting slowly and steadily for which I am so thankful.  This season, like all others, is passing but not fast they ever?


Lindsey said...

prayed for jake tonight. and i tell myself that all the time when my kids are sick... so thankful it's just "this" or just "that" and nothing worse. but it's still tough to see them be sick with anything and it's taxing on mommies. i pray smoother days are ahead.

Donna said...

I'm so sorry. What a sweet boy- I hate to hear about him hurting. I'm happy he has a tender and nurturing mommy to take care of things.