Sunday, May 2, 2010


We are doing well around here.  As most of you probably know by now JK's house burned a couple weeks ago and he is now living with us.  It is a good and healthy situation for both him and us so we are thankful we could help him.  Yesterday, they had a work day at the house cleaning it up and so several days this week I have spent at the property helping him and his brother organize and prepare a place for the things they could salvage from the house.  So it has been a busy week around here.  I have enjoyed it but must confess after spending SO much time the last few months sick and couch ridden I don't seem to have tons of energy.  But hey, we are healthy and moving so PRAISE GOD. 
We have a few items of huge praise:
1. Jake's hearing test this week was perfect.  He has regained all of his hearing and will not need tubes at least for this season.  Thanks for your prayers.
2. John just finished up a project and he is being moved to a project that will require very little travel.  we aren't sure yet on how much but 1 week a month at the most but maybe less.  And this travel will be to Denver which is fun for our family.  John's sister lives there and right now her husband is deployed to Afghanistan.  So John will be able to go stay with her the weeks he travels.  He has this coming week off and then he and Brady will be headed to Denver for a week or so.  Jake and I will stay here since he has school.  Brady is soooo excited.  Jake got to make this trip with Nana by himself when he was Brady's age so Brady is feeling like a big kid to get to go without Jake. 

We have also made a decision about school for the boys next year.  Brady will go to K4 preschool 5 days a week for 4 hours and I am going to home school Jake.  Everyone is very excited.  I am really enjoying my little man who has his own thoughts and ideas about life.  I love beginning to hash these out with him and can't wait to spend more time with him. 

So for now that is our life.  Thanks to all you who have checked in lately.  Hopefully I will be able to write more. 

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Holly S. said...

It's great to hear all that good news! I'm rejoicing along with you!