Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Recap - John's Birthday Beach Trip

Every year for John's Birthday we spend some time at his mom's at the beach.  This year the Colorado cousins were here for some more play time.  This year he celebrated the big 32...

This is a picture of the salt shaker coming out of the plane at Martgueritaville in PCB.  We make a trek down there every year to eat on John's bday.  It is such a fun place to eat.  We also go play putt putt golf.  I didn't get pictures of the putt putt because we were exhausted after our surprise adventure.

This was so fun for the kiddos.  They got to have water gun fights, face painted, they swabbed the deck, played limbo, shot a cannon and pulled up a treasure from the ocean floor.  It was a blast. 

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alieta young casey said...

so fun! glad you're back in the blogging world, and that you had such a great summer!