Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Recap - Our Time in Denver

The cousins were so excited to see each other.  They spent their days playing really hard and enjoying each other.  We found Brady sleeping like this one night - he is propped on his hand.

Once we got there John and I got to work.  We built Eric and Daniel a castle room. They wanted to be knights.  And we did just that.  See what you think:

This is Eric's hideaway on the side of the beds

John's mom always tells them a story and she has named each one of them.  This is Eric's name in the story.  Those are really cool foam sword that John built hangers for. 

This has the Eph. 6 verses on it.  I was pretty proud of how this turned out.  It was for sure a labor of love:)
And sir Daniel the Brave.

The table I painted for there Playmobile castle.

And then on to Anna's Room.  I loved the way her room turned out.  I had it all envisioned in my head but wasn't sure how it would look.  The top bunk is a reading nook.  I used toule to decorate the bed, windows and closet.

I really enjoyed doing these rooms for these sweet kiddos.  It was a fun way to spend the month. 


Jenny said...

could you come decorate my house???? too cute!

Donna said...

THESE ARE AWESOME!!! I can't believe all that you can do!