Sunday, October 24, 2010

Putting it to Rest

I am putting my blog to rest.  I hope to revive it again someday because writing is good for me.  But the truth is my capacity is limited right now and there are actually real live people in my life.  We are actually beginning to taste the fruits of community both with our faith family and with our neighbors who we hope to one day join us in our faith family.  I am not sure John and I have been here since we left staff almost 8 years ago.  We have had relationships sprinkled throughout but not community. 
I am really focusing on some healing in my life - physically, emotionally and spiritually that is requiring a lot of my time during my days.  I have 2 hearts at home that need mama to shepard them and love them with my time.  I have an amazing husband who is absent alot in this season which leaves me to go it alone.  I have for the first time in many years a desire to put forth effort to put down roots.  We believe we are here and we NEED to be here.  So here we are and I need and want to learn how to live my life not in survival mode.  This blog steals my thoughts more than it should so for now I am trading it in for the real live people in my space.  Thanks to those of you who have encouraged me through these last few years of struggle and learning. 


Lindsey said...

looking forward to still seeing you in real life:).

Angie Davis said...

sad to see you leave the blog world, yet totally understand. glad to hear you guys feel connected and have real fellowship now too. b and i talk about how though we've been blessed in all our travels with friends, it really does take years to establish deep "community".
i hope you never feel guilty about not blogging (or vice versa). i think it's just something that you have to love as a hobby, and actually get re-fueled doing in order for it to be worth it. and yeah, it can be a seasonal thing too.
pray (really, just did) all is well with you guys!

Shana said...

yes, we'll definitely have to see you in person now :)

Donna said...

We'll miss you. I totally understand.