Sunday, March 16, 2008

Filling My Tanks

I love being creative, it fills my tanks. But as a mom of small kids sometimes I don't get to do it just to have fun, just for me. This weekend I took an hour or so to do a favor for a friend and it was a blast. Of course this wasn't for me either but it was lots of fun. Kym, I know you will be proud that I am really getting into this digital scrapbook stuff. Haven't really done the "scrapbook" yet but I am learning my way around photoshop. It is nice to have a hubby who is a pro at photoshop and already owned a copy of it. (it is really expensive). Anyway, just thought I would share with you guys what I accomplished in my fun hour (with the help of sweet hubby). It was great after the last few weeks. I am getting better every day. Praise the Lord. Thanks April for giving me a reason to have some fun :) :)


April Brown said...

Amy, we LOVE the invitations!! Thank you for taking your time to help make Molly's big day special!! Call me when you get back!!

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

amy-thanks for leaving a comment on our blog! i have been reading yours too! your boys are precious!it has been forever since we have seen ya'll-i think it was at Al and Laura's when ST was a newborn!? and now we both live in bham....i love the invitations you designed-i have to have a creative outlet too- i have gotten into sewing a little and i just made some invitations for a friends shower. oh and i love all the bday stuff ya'll do-too cute and very creative!