Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Brady!!!

Today is Brady's 2nd Birthday. It has passed so fast. This little boy delights my soul so much. I really never knew someone under 3 feet could make me laugh so hard and so often. Some of my favorite things about him include:
-"I did it mommie, I did it" - i hear this 50 times a day because he his so proud that he was able to accomplish whatever he is into in that moment. Once he accomplishes it he is bored and on to the next task- thus the reason for hearing it so often.
-"Soree mommie" - these are the famous last words of this kid and they prick my heart everytime. He loves to be hands on which we are really trying to encourage but it often leads to disaster. He really is humble about it and seems to be truly sorry. What a sweet kid.
-He is fearless and relentless all in one - how i pray God uses this for His glory
-He loves to sing and only we can understand what he is saying - tooo cute
-He is so in love with his binkie - that would be green blanket. It is amusing to me because it is so against his personality but he is so attached to this and you can give it up because he will not sleep without it.

I love this kid with every ounce of my being and sometimes I can't wait to see what he becomes. I really pray for God's guidance in being his mom because I really long for God to grow him into a strong, brave leader for His kingdom, and I want to embrace and nurture the person that he is becoming despite the fact that it requires every ounce of my energy (or as Jake says injurdy) to do so. Happy Birthday Brady!!! You are so loved!!!

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Laura said...

I laughed out loud when I read about Brady's binky. He reminds me so much of Taye. Remember when Dr. Middleton told me, "He will just be your passionate child. When he loves something, he will love it SO MUCH, when he gets mad, look out!"?

I just checked the comments on my page. We miss you guys too!

Happy Birthday Brady! We love you!