Sunday, April 6, 2008

More CVS Deals

So the doc told us not to take Jake to nursery today and John and I both seem to have sinus stuff so we spent Sun morning relaxing. Because I hadn't bought a stitch of groceries this week we went to Walmart for the basics. I decided to buy 3 papers today because they are $1 each at WM. I made my money back big time on just the coupons I used today. Now before I go any further I need to give my normal stance on coupons. If I am not using the for a steal like this I usually don't bother. I buy store brand for most of groceries and Suave or store brand for most of my toiletries. I know I am cheap but it is what has to happen for me to stay home with the kiddos. So I want those of you who hate the thought of clipping coupons to know I am right there with you but it is so worth it for this. With my coupons and the bucks and sales at CVS this week I spent $4.97 of real money and got all of this:

It is a bad pic but I can give you a run down:
-3 Pantene Pro-V Shampoo/Con
-3 Sunsilk Shampoo/Con
-4 Degree Deo (plus I found ones with travel samples in them...look for these, they are great for gym bags)
-Bottle 24 ct Excedrine (made a buck on this one with the coupon and bucks back)
-Febreze Candle
-Febreze Spray
-Febreze Plug in

Here is how I did it:
I started out with 24.95 ECB's and I bought everything but the febreze products on the first check out. With my bucks and coupons I spent $2.37 and got back 10 more ECB. On the second check out I bought the 3 febreeze products and used my 10 bucks, coupons and spent $2.50 and got back 5 more ECB's to use on my next visit.

The febreze product are definantly splurges but I made bucks on them and had good coupons for them. Plus who doesn't love their house to smell good???
This month is their semi annual beauty sale so a lot of their higher end products are on sale with good bucks so now is a time to spend your up front money so that you can start your savings. It is a lot of fun and you are saving your family money in the process. Love to hear about your deals.


The Kelly Family said...

amy - i am so inspired!! i need to learn how to do this. i could learn so much from you - and yes, we do need some brainstorming/organizing time - quick-like!

Kristin said...

wow! I am amazed... teach me, oh wise one!

hope we can all get together sometime soon!