Thursday, July 10, 2008

God Bless the Daycare Worker

I do mean that!! (the title). Today, two of my best friends needed breaks/help so I had 7 children ages 2-7 at my house. It started at 8:30 and the first wave left at 4:00 and John took the others to the pool for a few minutes. It was wild and crazy and we had a blast except for literally about 30-40 minutes during the day. This was naptime for the younger kiddos and lunch for the bigger kids so thankfully John was able to help. The kids had a blast and so did I - REALLY. I am completely surprised. Now not everyday. God did not call me to care for little children. But I love my friends and their children dearly and so we gave it a shot and I am glad we did. If I would have had a yard I think it would have been great. Next time I do this and I am really up for the task but I will go to one of your two houses and use your yards!! I believe that I am due for a calgon moment in the next few hours!!!
It was a fun Day.


Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

wow, amy, what a day you had! I can relate, I used to teach preschool-first in Montgomery, I had 4 year olds for 5 hrs a day and then in Colorado, I had 3 yr olds for only about 4hrs and only 2 times a wk (and I was preg with lucy then!)and, when we lived in our old neighborhood, I watched our neighbors kids 2x a week (but I only did that for about 8 months or so and it was only 2 kids...)but for the past 2 yrs I have worked pt in our church office, so that is a nice change and good adult time! anyway, thanks for the sweet comment...lucy can put brady in line, i'm sure! she loves playing with boys, it seems like most of her little friends are boys. uh-oh, we are in for it!

Danny and Jennifer White said...

Amy sounds like your hands were full. I am oerwhelmed when I have my nephew with my two boys. He is five and together he and Dallas are all over the place. I always say it's confirmation that I am not quite ready for three.Looks like we will not make it Sat. Danny has to drive one of the vans to brings some boys so we will not get to bring him. However i will keep it in mine for later when we come your way!!

Kristin said...

You need some gold stars, friend!