Monday, July 28, 2008

Home Organization - Removing the "Chee"

My mother - n - law's housekeeper told her that she had to much "chee" in her closets and it needed to be removed.  I was clueless and ask what that meant.  She said it meet that she needed to clean her closets out.  Well you all know that made me smile - and get a little excited. So today I tackled the kids toy closet. I spent about 30 on this closet - 2 shelves from walmart for $11 each.  I bought 7 bins at Dollar General for $1 each. (by the way that is $1 cheaper than they are now at walmart so I would check there first.)  The only things that came out of the closet for good are the car seats, bed rail and sheets.  Everything else is still there with space for some more (which is always your goal!!).  Be inspired!!

view 1 - before
view 1 - after
view 2 - before
view 2 - after
view 2 - after with top of closet
view 3 before
view 3 after


Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

nice job! i definitely need to organize lucy's closet in her playroom and her bedroom. thanks for the inspiration and ideas!

Donna said...

Looks great! I may just go ahead and reorganize our toy closets. Also- I still would love to get together- sorry I've not written back. Next week we have nothing on the schedule so maybe then?

Lindsey said...

love it! you are a woman after my own heart! i took out elle's one shelf in her closet today and am ready to put up the multi-shelf one. any ideas for organizing dress-up clothes including lots of tu-tus? still working on the playroom and my sewing stuff...

Amy said...

k linds so we have all of our dress up stuff in a toy box. Before that I had it in a plastic bin with a lid on it. There needs to only be a corral spot for dress up stuff. They need to be able to mix and match stuff - allows for more immagination. I will post next on playroom stuff.

MyLifeFile said...

Great job! Thanks for sharing. Loved the pics.

Sherri D. Paxton

"Organize yourselves;
prepare every needful thing" (D&C 109:8)

Kristin said...

Be still my heart...