Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wooing His Heart

A few weeks ago I finished reading "Grace Based Parenting" by Tim Kimmel.  One of the things he talks about is learning your child and his bents and seeking to cultivate those things in your child.  When I looked up the word Woo in the Thesaurus, other words for woo were cultivate, seek, try to attract, curry favor with, seek to win.  So essentially I gathered from Kimmel's book that as I parent I am to learn my child and his bents and use those to woo his heart.  A few years ago the lady that discipled me in college told me that she strongly believes that Christians feel the presences of God most in their life when they are operating in their giftings and doing the things that God designed them to do for His kingdom.  I see this is true in my own life so of course I want my children to experience this too. 
Jake is very artistic and is in love with taking pictures, painting, drawing and the likes. So today I set out to woo his heart and it was a wonderful day.  A few years ago, the Pensacola News Journal commissioned some local artist to paint/create pelicans to display around downtown.  They were amazing and very creative.  So I decided to take Jake downtown to see them today.  Sadly to say, there were only a few left.  Turns out many of them were vandalized and removed.  Jake took pictures of the ones that were left.  He loved seeing them.  Here are a few of his shots.

We also went to the Pensacola art museum and he was amazed at the paintings.  He would walk up to one and say Mommy what do you see?  Then we headed off and took some pictures of some local places.  We both had such a great time.  It is so fun to watch him get so excited.  It sure filled his tanks.


Lindsey said...

great pictures. he really is talented! glad you guys are having fun together.

Kristin said...

Jake and John David are so much alike... Sometime we'll have to do an art excursion together. Seriously.

I love the picture of the pelican foot.

Familyguy said...

Cool pelican pictures! I know Jake and Brady will benefit from being raised in a Grace Based home. We're glad you're enjoying the book.