Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is it really time for this?

OK so just in the last 2 days we have gotten 2 different and very insightful questions from my 4 year old. Is it really time for this to start happening. If so I am really unprepared. In a sec I will share with you have John so conveniently escaped one of the details of one question. We were very caught off guard.

Question 1: Jake - "daddy, how do you get babies out of their mommies tummies?"
And John got to respond with an easy answer (but at least it was true) John: " Well the doctor took mom to surgery (he knows what that is because he just had one) and cut her stomach open with a knife and took you and Brady out." Jake thought that was really cool and it sufficed for now.

Question 2: Jake - "mommy how do you get undead?" The only thing I had at them moment was well son you don't. Then we talked about how Jesus was the only one who rose from the dead - and as I was telling him John said in a whisper to me - that is not exactly true (referring to people who are revived). But oh my how do you explain all of that to a 4 year old. And all he watches is noggin - and a few movies here and there. I really have no idea where he gets this from.

It's way to soon!!!Way to soon.

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Kristin said...

John David can come tell him about the uterus... I'm not kidding!

Ah, yes, it's way too soon!