Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ugly Power Poles - they are necessary

As you have probably been reading in my previous few post. This morning I spent some time really just learning from God through my surroundings. As I sat and enjoyed my beautiful view in my new favorite place I looked up and saw this hideous power pole. At first I thought to myself - wow that really ruins the view from that angel. As I thought that, my ipod was playing "When I Survey The Wondrous Cross." In that moment, God used this hideous power pole to remind me. You see without the hideous power poles that so often obstruct our gorgeous views, we would not be able to enjoy the sweet things that those poles provide - light, water, and this southern girls most favorite - air condition.
This pole reminded me that all of the ultimate things in life that I get to enjoy - true freedom, true peace, true joy, true friendships, an outrageous inheritance, an eternal home that far exceeds the beauty that was before me today - are all available to me because of the cross. Sometimes, it is so hard to sit and ponder the wondrous cross on which the prince of glory died. Because when I do I have to face all of my sins and why his death was necessary. But at the foot of that cross is where my power comes. My power to embrace all that is mine in Christ and to enjoy it to it's fullest here on this earth.
As I drove home from my spot on the "hill" today, I saw countless power poles and rather than being put out by them they now will be a constant reminder to me to take time today to sit at the cross and be with Jesus.
And then I thought about how ironic and symbolic "above ground power" is of our day. All of these new communities that are going up boast in "underground utilities." That hideousness is hidden. I have defiantly preferred that option. But today it made me think that it is just one more example of our culture refusing to face the ugly and unsightly. We scream "Give me sheer beauty with no complications." No where in God's written history is this true of Him. It is most often in the ugly that we find true beauty. So I encourage you to let the hideous power poles that you see every day - or that you, like myself, often just ignore from day to day - become a physical reminder of what Jesus death on the cross did for us - what it provided for us, and let that reminder "remind" you to praise your Father in heaven for such a beautiful gift. I know it will be that reminder for me thus forward.

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