Friday, July 11, 2008


Here are the only pictures I managed to take from our adventurous day with 7 kids.

Here are some pictures of some of the art work Jake did this week during art camp with Belinda. This past year his teachers told us that Jake was a great artist/drawer for his age and we needed to nurture this gift. I talked with Belinda and we put him in class with the 6-8 year olds. I was worried how he would do but she said he did great. He loved it and I think did really well. See for yourself:


Momof3 said...

WOW!! Jake's pictures are amazing. He truly has a gift and you are wise to nurture it now. Please keep sharing his work with us - I love it & we love him very much!! I can't believe he will be here in just a few days...Aunt Kym

Kristin said...

Those are wonderful! Which reminds me that I want to get some of those black frames that open easily so that you can change artwork often... I need to find some of those!

April Brown said...

Amy thanks for taking the kids! You are really the only friend I could hand off my kids (knowing you are going to have 7) and not feel the least bit worried! What an amazing friend you are!!

My girls adore you and John and we love spending time with you!! How thankful we are to have you all in our lives!!