Monday, August 11, 2008

A Stake Driven Deep - Part 3

So today, God put all these thoughts into a package that has released my heart from this unhealthy burden. Today, as he talked about Joseph’s life and all the “bad” things that happened to him he said “God can draw straight lines with a multitude of crooked sticks.” As soon as he said those words I wrote them down and then I wrote this “My parenting is not for my children’s sake. It is for my God and His glory. I parent in obedience to him and out of overflow for my love for Him. He will write their story of redemption - NOT ME!!!” 
Today I was able to apply a principle to my life that God taught me the first year of our marriage - only to a different aspect of my life. Our first year of marriage John and I read The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges. We had some great conversations about this book and how it really works. Finally, after struggling for some time with my part vs God’s part in making us holy we felt like God helped us “get it.” A stake that God drove deep into my life that year was that “I am to pursue holiness 100% and God will 100% bring it to fruition.” What I mean is that I can’t just have a lazy attitude in this life because it is God that makes me holy. I must be committed to dealing with sin in my life, seek to know God and hide His Word in my heart on a regular basis and with great fervency. But as I do this I must constantly remind myself that nothing I am doing is making me any more holy than I was before I did it. See if I sit down and read God’s word, God must meet me there or there will be no change.
What I realized today was this principle is true for my parenting. I am to 100% point my children toward God and holiness but He alone will save them and make them holy. So this doesn’t mean I can be lazy and just wait for him to do it. Some parents have and God still does redeem those children because it was always his plan. Those parents just miss out on being a part of God’s story of redemption in that child’s life. Today I realized that God’s plan for my children will come to fruition. I just get to be an active part in that process by being faithful to what He calls me to do as a parent (Duet 6). I don’t have to bear the burden of making that plan happen. How FREEING!!!!
My parenting is just another avenue that God has placed in my life to teach me about Himself. He uses that avenue to sharpen me, to soften me, to make me more like Him. For me this is so freeing. (did I say that already?) I feel like I can sit back and enjoy my labor because that is all I have to do. It doesn’t make what I do any different. I will still be diligent in thinking, praying and planning for my children. I will still be purposeful with them most of the time. I will still always ask God to open my eyes to teachable moments. I won’t take on the attitude of “just let this one slide.” But now those things are done for Him and not for me or my children. I will pursue holiness and He will make them holy.

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Kristin said...

Once I read "Part 1", there was no way I couldn't read them all. Awesome, Amy. And I don't mean that in the cliche way... Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of that.