Monday, August 11, 2008

A Stake Driven Deep - Part 2

My Stones of Remembrance:

Stone 1: I rode with Belinda, the lady that discipled me in college, to our friends daughters funeral earlier this summer. We were talking about some struggles that I have with my personality. Bottom line is (I didn’t know this then but now I do) that I feel completely responsible for my children's holiness. What she said to me has resignated with me the entire summer. "Amy, your life and specifically your marriage alone is such a beautiful story of God's redemption. God drew you to himself later in life but look how he has returned to you the years that the locust had eaten. Don't you know that God alone is writing your story and you are just along for the ride. As you submit to his obedience you get to be apart of His redemption."

Stone 2: This week I got to spend time with another friend who played another vital role in my life in college. I don't get to see her very often because she lives overseas but oh how I treasure our time together because she is one of the very few people I know that really "get me.” Our personalities are alike is so many ways and she understands how I think and process and such. We talked about several things that were huge for me but one of the things that resonated with me was her putting words to one of my struggles. I am not a mom who struggles/worries about God protecting my children from harm - the pool, sending my 4 year old away on an airplane with his nana for 10 days, strangers taking my child, them getting hurt on the playground, etc. It is easy for me not to worry about these things. But what she put to words for me was that although this is not a struggle for me, I have a struggle just as hard as the moms who do struggle with the above. I struggle with trusting God to save my children and make them holy. I have been bearing an unhealthy burden for some time now and on this day with my friend I was able to put it into words.

Stone 3: If you read one of my recent post titled the value of my children, you read about Jake thinking it was crazy that a little boy could beat a great big giant. Well during that conversation I really believe the Lord spoke through me to myself - though in that moment I didn’t relize it. Over the last few days I have rethought about that conversation, applying to something totally different that God is doing in my life, and I was amazed again at a story of redemption. There was nothing special about David. It was God who made him special. David had faith in God and chose to be obedient and as a result he got to take part in the great story of redemption that God chose to write for his life. That same day we talked about boasting. I told Jake that God tells us we can only boast in knowing Him. THAT’S IT!!!!! Not in how good my children are, not in how much they love and serve the Lord, not in how well I applied the Scriptures to parenting them, not in how consistent I am with them - just in knowing Him.

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