Friday, September 5, 2008

In Need of Wide Open Spaces!!!!

"Of all the animals, the boys is the most unmanageable." AMEN Pluto!!!

Wildness has inhabited our house of late and I absolutely love it and hate it all at the same time. It really seems that almost daily they acquire more energy. The problem for me is not that they have so much energy but that we don't have a back yard for them to get rid of some of the energy. We load up every day and get out of the house and we go play and run off our energy. Then we come home for the calmness to last long enough for them to refuel with a drink (water - no sugar) and a little snack and then they are raring to go again. With our upcoming move we will have a whole country side they can explore which is great for them but for now..well lets hope we all make it sanely to that sweet open space!!!!

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Lindsey said...

okay, elle has been wanting a buzz lightyear costume! where did you get it? she wants to be buzz and grady be woody for halloween...