Friday, September 5, 2008

A New Found Nugget

So since I will be homeschooling next year, I have been reading alot about Charlotte Mason's ideas about teaching children. Her concept is very interesting to me - especially having boys. So last night I was reading a forum and they were talking about two children's books teaching boys about chivalry. The books were The White Knight and Sir Knight of the Splendid Way both by W.E. Cule. So tonight I went searching for these books and came upon an amazing nugget!!! A website called Grace and Truth Books
As I looked through this site there are what appears to be some great character building books for kids. There is a series for children ages 4-8 that tell the stories of Corrie Ten Boon, Hudson Taylor, Amy Carmichael and George Muller. One of the things that is so appealing to me about Charlotte Masons ideas is that she says that we need to not present the world to our children in a series of facts but rather make it come alive to them through exploration. She talks about living books about real people and real things that they learn from and these mini biographies would be very visionary for my boys - any child homeschooled or not. There are books geared toward boys and girls. So I think we are going to start with this selection for us to read together with the boys (maybe just Jake right now). I will share with you what I think about them. If any of you order books from here I would love to hear your thoughts on them. Many of these books are older writings so we shall see how they go with this generation. I expect them to not be very watered down but that is ok with me because I know that kids are way smarter, way earlier than we often give them credit for. Let me know what you think.

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