Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Story - Part 1

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary - 8 years of marriage and 14 years of being together. I love the story that God gave us surrounding our relationship and I thought that in honor of our special day I would share with you are beautiful story of redemption.
I went to school at a small private school in Fayette, Alabama.  John started this school our 11th grade year.  He was a football player and I was a cheerleader (really?).   We became fast buds - really just friends to start with.  We really had fun laughing and cutting up together.  Every time he saw me in the halls he would say "Hey sugar."  It was a fun relationship that, surprise, surprise, turned into more of a love interest rather quickly.  So he ask me to go on our first date together for Friday, September 16, 1994.  The night before we had a football game and I of course was elated to be cheering for him on the sideline. Oh those high school days.
So we went on a double date with some good friends and well that started a relationship that is celebrated 14 years tomorrow.  Our years in high school were good but rocky.  We both broke up twice during the next two years only to always end up together again.  The fall of 1996, after graduating high school John proposed to me and of course I said yes.  We spent 1 year at the JuCo in our home town where his mom taught before moving to South Alabama.   
I had gone to church off and on during my life and would have said to you I was a Christian.  I tried to be a good girl.  John on the other hand, did not even believe in God.  I specifically remember a conversation we had our senior year of high school (I even remember exactly where we were and what we were doing) in which he told me that something drastic would have to happen for him to believe that there is a God.  I continue to love him and later planned to marry him so that tells you where I stood spiritually as well.  So our Sophomore year of college we moved to University of South Alabama.  I planned to be an Occupational Therapist and well John just planned to follow me down there and decide later.  This move completely changed our life!!!!! If you care, read part 2 to find out how.


The Kelly Family said...

I am LOVING reading this story! However, I am demanding that you update the post with a pic from 1994 - in your cheerleading and football uniforms, of course:)

Jena said...

I agree- I want to see a picture!!!