Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthday Present

We had a birthday party this weekend and I love to think outside of the box for birthday presents. Ellie, the little girl, has a brand new baby at her house (3 kids just 4 and under) so I thought I would give a easy gift that could help mom. I had forgotten about giving craft boxes until my friend Laura reminded me. But I decided to tweak the idea a little because right now mom doesn't have much time for crafting. I created Ellie a box all her own that she could do at the table during busy times like when mom is feeding baby or cooking dinner. I actually find an art tackle box at target that already had some supplies in it. Paint was one of these but I just gave it anyway. Everything else she can use on her own. I then bought some other things. Here is the list:
-molds for clay
-paint, paint holder & stamps
-mini pom poms
-pack of adhesive foam shapes
-foam door hangers to decorate
-pipe cleaners
-glue sticks
- a small roll of contact paper
-I put a pack of construction paper in the bag
-mini stamps and stamp pads

Then I had the boys make Ellie 2 splat mats using this technique. I rolled them up and tied them each with a ribbon and put them in the bag. I then made a little card using the same stuff and attached it to the bag. Instead of the card being transparent I put the tissue on a piece of construction paper. On the back of the paper I wrote a birthday note and then stuck it down on the contact paper. It was a fun and creative gift and the boys loved that they got to make part of it. Their faces lit up when she opened it.

the card

Jake's - a castle with a sun and sunset and flowers and a tree with a birds nest

Brady's - he did the background and I cut out her name and put it on top of his masterpiece


Amanda said...

How big was the "Ellie" splat mat? Cute ideas!

April Brown said...
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April Brown said...

ADORABLE!! I know another little girl who turns 4 at the end of March who would love such a gift (hint, hint!) :)

Love you!

Kristin said...

FANTASTIC idea!! How special for that birthday girl!