Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Easy Art Project

My friend Laura did a post about this easy art project. The next day was a rainy day and I had all the supplies on hand so we went to crafting. Here are the steps for those of you who need just a little more than a picture:

we used :
clear contact paper
tissue paper cut up (I keep a box of scrap tissue paper that I cut up or let the kids cut it up to have for various crafts)
construction paper for the border

you could also use:
construction paper for the center, feathers, etc (experiment)

what to do:
1. cut a piece of the contact paper and tape it down to the work space. I put the white part of the paper that I pulled off under it so the kids could see the clear piece better.
2. Give the kids paper and scissors and let them go to town. I just turned on some music and let them at it.
3. When they finished with their pieces I let them pick the color for their border and I cut little 1/2 inch or so strips and put it around the project to frame it. Don't put it all the way to the edge so that they will seal good
4. Cut another piece and put it over the top. John helped me because our piece was a little big. Then smooth it out and you have a sealed masterpiece.

Brady's work of art

Jake's Dinosaur
- the yellow x over the dinosaur is a jail. The dinosaur is in jail because he was trying to destroy the world.

The kids had fun and then we used this same concept to complete a birthday present. I will post on that soon.
Happy Creating!!!!

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Kristin said...

Love, love, LOVE this! Thanks, Amy and Laura!