Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prayer Request

Today was a hard day. I hit a wall earlier today and can't seem to get going again. I packed up the boxes that we will need this summer and took the to mail to our new friends Angie and Bryan Davis. They have graciously opened their home to John until our apt gets ready. And we had never met them before this - they are friends of friends. I hurt my back during this whole process and it has been on fire all afternoon. I am sure it is just a muscle that needs rest but I don't really have the time or option to rest it. So because I am weary I am here asking for you guys to pray for the next few days.
1. Pray for Jake and Brady. Jake has had a really hard 2 weeks. There have been sensitive adult issues that he has faced (that he shouldn't have) and this has made him really clingy to me and sad a lot. He of course misses John on top of the other stuff. Brady has cried a lot for John this week. This is out of character for Brady - he usually rolls with the flow. I think he is just uncertain because of how Jake is doing and because he has seen me REALLY upset over these "adult" issues. Pray that God will be their comfort. I feel like I am failing them in this area right now. Pray that they will enjoy the next few days - that they will be happy days for these little ones.
2. Pray for me - I am weary and tired. It has been a long 2 months. Family issues have taken their toll on me the last 2 weeks. I need wisdom on how to handle these issues before I leave and sadly, right now I just don't care to deal with them. Though it is a very loud squeaky wheel it is not the squeaky wheel that I want to give my attention to. Also pray that God would heal my back tonight!!!!
3. Pray for this transition. I am not worried that much about this but that may just be because I am clinging to the grace that God gives me to make it through this day. Today has enough worries of its own. So if you could go before me and ask God with me to make this transition as smooth as possible. Pray that Jake and Brady (and me for that matter) handle the transition of John going back to work outside the home - with some long hours on the horizon. Pray that the boys adjust to apt life again.
Thank you!!!!


Angie Davis said...

praying! i haven't yet read your previous posts (about too), but will absolutely pray that the Lord will go before you.

yes, it's true, i've greatly experienced the He does give grace for the moment. the next day, or even the next hour can seem overwhelming, but the moment is taken care of.
and isn't it amazing how we can look backwards and see God's perfect track-record. not a moment, hour, day missed!

Shelley said...

so sorry you have so much going on and you are going it alone in a sense. i will pray for you and the boys. i am going to bed now but i want to read how the story unfolds tomorrow. and yes i saw the best kiss win. i can't decide who is wierder--bella or kristin :)