Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Book About My Summer

I decided yesterday that I am going to have Jake write and illustrate a book about his summer in the city. I am excited about this idea and wanted to share it with you. It could be fun for any kid to do and a great keepsake. Here are my thoughts:
-Each morning while I am getting ready for the day I am going to have him draw a picture of how he spent the day before. This cause him to stop and remember details of the day before. (Thinking skills)
-Then I will have him narrate to me about his day - helping him early on to learn to pay attention to specifics. (verbal skills) I will type/write this for him to see.
-Then he will copy the words in his own handwriting. copywork is a great way for kids to learn to write their letters in a not so boring way.
-At the end of the summer we will have his very own written record of the summer. He is so excited that he gets to write and illustrate his very own book.
-the writing out the narration so he can copy will probably be a bit tedious but it will make it more personal for him to be able to write it himself.
you can take this idea and run with it. You may just want to have the child draw the picture and narrate to you. You can type up what he said about the day and put it with the picture. It is still his/her words and picture.


Donna said...

What a wonderful idea- I of course love the narration idea- I've been thinking of starting that for months now. Sorry about all the troubles- God is always present in the storm- hang in there- your friends are praying.

JD and Danielle said...

Thanks for this idea and all the great ideas you put up. Even though Jeremiah is too young for this, I definitely hope to remember it for when he is old enough.