Thursday, June 4, 2009

Culture Shock

Well we have been here a few days and I am feeling a whole slew of emotions. Overwhelmed was the biggest at first. That emotions has subsided a little because I am learning more of what to expect of me and the boys in a day. We haven't done anything fun or exciting - unless you count riding the subway over an hour to a sketchy part of Brooklyn to get a stroller that was not put together and we had to lug in a box back on the subway and put it together in our hotel. Oh and what about the 16 blocks one way walk to whole foods to spend a whole lot of money on just a few little groceries....or the fact that I paid $10 for someone to wash a load of my clothes that in my own washer I would have used the mini cycle. This sounds like a complaint and well it is. I hate spending money on things that I know i can either do myself or get a much better deal on.
On a much lighter note, we are getting our apt on Monday and I am looking forward to having a kitchen and just a tad bit more space. We will be just a few blocks from central park so that will probably be our second home for the summer. I just bought a guide book to start planning some fun outings with the boys. That has made me excited. Hopefully the culture shock will subside quickly as we begin to settle in to our little area and learn how to navigate this big ole city!!! More to come and pictures I promise.


April Brown said...

GIRL!!! I'm soo glad to see a post. I thought you'd been run over by a taxi! Can't wait to hear more about this crazy city life.

love you!!

alieta young casey said...

we missed you at vbs while you were traveling the big city! so proud of you using the subways, esp. with the boys! you're super fabulous, and i can't wait to hear more!

Shelley said...

what you are doing is amazing. i truly don't know if i could do it. give yourself some time to settle in sista! you are a small town girl in the big city. if you must, retreat to your happy place! praying for you and the boys

Lindsey said...

can't believe you are in NYC! i know there will be challenges, but what a fun summer! i'm reading, just not always commenting. keep us posted of your adventures!!! and post pictures!