Thursday, June 11, 2009

Learning Tons

A couple thoughts I have had this week:
1. I have more compassion for moms with small children going to the mission field than ever before. Culture shock is expected but navigating through that time of transition is 100% harder with children that you are constantly responsible for. When I am trying to figure out what I am doing - where i need to be going, etc. I have to keep a constant watchful eye on the boys. There are literally 100's of people around me almost all the time, people that are extremely different from me and each other. Today I there was a Jew in front of me and a Muslim woman behind me. A true melting pot. Most of the service workers here speak minimal English so asking them questions is frustrating for both of us - and it is multiple languages. It is a lot but we are moving through it with tons of grace from God. This has made me think of ways to minister to moms in this type of transition. I mean having a solid team on the field with the capacity to help is great but I have watched friends who have not had that and suffered through the transition. It is a ministry opportunity brewing in my head.
2. I have been so thankful that this is not my home. I don't mean NYC. I mean here - this world.
Hebrews says that by faith Abraham made his home in the promised land like a stranger in a foreign country; he lived in tents for he was looking forward to the city with foundations whose architect and builder is God. John and I thought that God had called us to settle in Reform, Alabama. And maybe He has - maybe it is timing. Or maybe he had us there for a time to do some major renovations in our heart and then send us out. We don't know. But what I do know is that this experience has taught me to not look for my home here on this earth. To not wait for it to come to fruition. I have to learn to find my home - my place of rest and safety in God himself. He must be the only place my heart is. As I learn this - I will have to - it will be easier to say yes lord we will go. It won't matter that we have 100sq ft each to call our own and it won't matter were it is and how decorated it is. I want my heart to truly scream "this world has nothing for me and this world has everything."

Pics next post I promise


Shelley said...

it is always good to be reminded that this world is not my home. i have to confess that as i am away from home i long for my earthly home, not my heavenly one. thanks amy.

April Brown said...

I'm always reminded, when this conversation comes up, of a great missions festival with Terry Horsley. She spoke of having such a hard time not having roots and missing the States. Then her "aha" moment came when she realized her "roots" are in Christ. When I get too involved with this world, God always reminds me of that great truth!

Shay said...

Thank you for reminding me this is not my home. Matt and I are always thinking about how we can get "home", closer to our parents. I want my heart to be in my heavenly home. But we have also talked about being content and laboring where God has us. Where ever you are, be all there. Thanks for the encouragement.

Angie Davis said...

yes, yes! my heart resonates with you!

and i hope that you had a successful trip to target and tj's ;)