Sunday, June 14, 2009

Making My Days Easier

I can't say that a single thing has gone off without a hitch since arriving in this city. But each time I head out the door I feel more and more prepared for what is waiting out there - mass chaos. Of course during the outing I usually encounter something I wasn't prepared for and have to add to my list of things to remember for next time. This is a process and I am thankful to say I am learning to thrive in it. It could quite possibly be the hardest thing I have done to date - still deciding. Here are 4 things that have made my life less stressful the last week or so.(just to give you a peek into my life)
I packed our tinker toys and the boys have discovered a new love for this toy. We are in such a small space but these have entertained the boys for literally 2 hours at a time. This is such a blessing for me because I was worried that they would be crazy bored since they are use to playing outside most of the day. They have built every gun you can imagine, pirate ship, a ships steer, swords, ladders, bow and arrow and who knows what else.

The last month has been very chaotic and the boys have had a lot of freedom simply out of necessity. Trying to get back into routine has been hard. When I say - pick up your toys they just act like I didn't say a word. This has been just one more thing that has made me (with a high need to be in control) feel completely out of control. I decided that I can't keep yelling at them because I am frustrated - all the time frustrated, so I just pulled back out the handy dandy kitchen timer - which is great for us both. I tell them boys pick up your toys (or whatever) and tell them it needs to be done when the timer goes off. I walk away and go about my business. No, nagging or yelling necessary. If the timer goes off there are consequences for the disobedience. (varies with each situation). It has once again served me well.

Phil and Teds in line double stroller. This was a big investment for us but it has had the biggest return. The streets here are awful - potholes, high curbs, crowded. The store aisles are very small. We had a double stroller but it is a side by side - not functional here. So this stroller is only 24"wide and the size of a single stroller. It has big sturdy wheels that travel easily through the bumps and holes here. I also have straps - contained kids make life less stressful too.

The last thing is a zipcar. This allows us to walk a block and have access to a car anytime we need it. There are no walmarts or targets here in Manhattan so we have to leave the island to stock up on stuff. We were able to get a car for a few hours and be on our way. This is great because I don't have to make 50 trips to the store to get just what my stroller can carry. For that i am thankful.

Yesterday we went to IKEA. It was fun. They have a free water taxi that carries you to Brooklyn and docks right at the store. The boys had a blast riding the boat. Jake saw some buildings in the harbor and said "Look daddy there are chicken houses on the water." From Kennedy to here is so extreme for him. He also ask us if there was any grass in this city. I got the few things we needed to make our apt home so I will post pics of the apt for your viewing pleasure in a while.

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