Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Home

or наш дом(russian), or nuestra casa(spanish), or notre maison(French), or la nostra sede (Italian),or 我们的家 (Chinese). Literally you could be standing on a street corner and hear all of these just in the time the light changes. Absolutely amazing.
Here are some pictures of our new home. It really is great for us right now. We have plenty of room.

This is standing in the door. By day it is parking for the stroller. By night it is Brady's bedroom.

Here I am standing in the hallway. This is the bath and kitchen. My friend Jessie said that most of the studio apts she had seen did not have a stove so we are blessed to have a stove - especially since eating out here is NOT cheap - unless you eat at IKEA. We all ate for $8 there yesterday. That is 4 hot dogs, 4 drinks, 2 chips and large cinnamon roll. Impressive huh?

This is it - the bulk of the place. To the right of this picture (right by the bed) is a 6x8 rug that is open space for the boys to play. The chairs that are at the end of our bed were there but the boys have to sit close to the TV because of their vision problems so we just moved the chairs there and left the sitting area open for them to play. It is great!!! There are also 2 closets at the end of the rug that have all our clothes and toys in them. So we have all of our floor space open.

This is standing at the bed looking down the hallway (it is L shaped). You can see one of the air mattresses there. The hallway is really wide so it hangs out there during the day and it becomes Jake's bedroom at night. We got those curtains at Ikea so that when they go to bed we can stay up without disturbing them. There is a big closet in the back that the other air mattress can stand up in so it is out of the way during the day.

You can't tell in the picture above but Brady is asleep in the bed while I was taking the pictures. Just thought I would add this sweet picture for your viewing pleasure!!!
So there you have it - our home. We are thankful for it. Come see us - we can squeeze you in. Just don't bring much luggage!!!! No room for that :)

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Jessie said...

Oh, I love the curtain addition - it totally makes the place! ;0)

And actually, most studios I've seen do have a stove (like 1 or 2 eyes) but no oven - typically that would be where the only cabinets in the place are. Your kitchen really is a real kitchen for NYC, not a studio kitchen and that is a major blessing!!!