Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brooklyn Culture

Yesterday we made our way to The Brooklyn Children's Museum. It was a really cool place BUT a bad day to go. It was the last free day before summer schedule starts and it was a rainy day. Too many people in a confined space does not make for an enjoyable experience. It was really neat to see Jake beginning to shift focus from just the playing to learning mode. Brady wanted to play in the sand and water and climb. Jake wanted to learn about the pond life and do some of the science experiments. I was really excited to see his interest but I couldn't focus on him because Brady was running free in a very crowded place. Maybe we will go back before summers end - during off hours (whatever that is). I am still amazed to see how completely the nations are represented in the Burroughs of New York City. John told me that his first visit to Redeemer Presbyterian Church was really cool for him because he was literally worshiping with people from most tongue and tribe (I mean not exhaustive but way more than any other place). We love that about this place. Below are little stores in the museum that represent all the cultures in this city alone.

says it all

There were several little Jewish boys there that the boys played with. I have never seen a Jew with the long payot (sideburns that are uncut). So crowds aside we will say it was another fun day in the city!!!! Oh and my pedometer was 7860 for the day

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