Monday, June 22, 2009

Mission Completion!!

But it took more than 3 special steps!!!

So today I felt like a New Yorker (well as close as ever)!!!!! Monday are home and errand day. And every other Monday guess who shows up at my house? Magley my precious housekeeper. Yes you heard me right - the apts that the company put us up in provide biweekly housecleaning. FOC for us!!! Can I get a YIPPEE!!!! So we did 4 loads of laundry ($16), Pharmacy, grocery - this was big because it happened without a hitch, library, bookstore and McDonald's for a happy meal. (that was the first micky dees we have had in well over a month - big deal!!!) So when I was preparing for the housekeeper to come I found my pedometer so I put it on to see how many steps my typical Monday included in the big city - 9,455!!!! I was breezing up and down these streets like nobody's business. Sounds silly but this is a huge accomplishment. So now the boys are resting and so am I.
Oh and I saw a drivers school car while I was out (which I initially thought was a student driver car). This made me think - can you imagine your teenager learning how to drive in this city? Not so sure about that!!!
Have a great day


alieta young casey said...

We love Special Agent Oso, too! So impressed with all the "steps" you're taking to make life fabulous for your men in NYC!

Angie Davis said...

whoa! that's a serious number!