Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Day in Central Park

Yesterday we spent 4 hours exploring Central Park. It was fabulous!!! Really one of the best days I have ever had with Jake and Brady. Here are a few of our pictures from the day:

We started our day by having a picnic on top of these rocks. The boys are far away because I am still at the bottom of the rocks gathering our supplies. (the camera was zoomed as far as it could) The boys LOVE exploring these really big rocks. After we ate we stayed here for about 30 minutes exploring and climbing. We also had a guest for our picnic - a squirrel who was not afraid of us. We shared our lunch with him and discovered that he likes pbj's and grapes but not pretzels. The birds descended on us when they saw us feeding him. The squirrel got very defensive and his tail got all bushy. This was a great nature lesson for the boys. LOVED IT!!!
Next, we moved on the the playground. Did you know there are 21 playgrounds in Central Park? And still it was PACKED. The boys played in the sand for a long time. Jake made 2 new friends. I love that they are getting to meet and play with so many diverse people.

Next we chalked for a long time. Rather, Jake chalked for a long time. Brady doesn't do anything for a long time. He decided he would fly his airplane (as you can see in the pic). After this we moved on and played in the splash pad for a really long time. Then on to more climbing and exploring the park.

We ended our fun filled day with tea at The Plaza. HA!!!!! Just kidding. Instead we ended with Jello at The Plaza fountain. The boys were filthy and well they are boys - no tea for them.

As you can see Brady was exhausted. It was such a fun day and 4 hours passed like 1. My pedometer read 7,642.


Danielle said...

I love the picture of Jake drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. And seeing the Plaza reminds me of "Home Alone."

Angie Davis said...

awesome! wish we were a little closer, or that it was a little easier for us to spend a morning with you guys in the park!