Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moving Recap

I think I have mentioned before that we are the master movers. Well there is a reason for that. Since John and I have married we have not stayed still long. Here's the recap:
Sept 00 - June 01 - married and lived in Fayette, Al raising support
July 01- September 01 - Pensacola, Fl - stayed with John's mom while we finished support raising
October 01-March 03 - Mobile, Al - on staff with CO
April 03 - March 04 - Orlando, Fl - John in school
April 04 - June 04 - Orlando, Fl - packed up our stuff stuck it in friends garage and lived with them while John finished school
June 04- September 04 - Mobile, Ala - stayed here till John found job and we found house
September 04 - May 05 - Pensacola, Fl - bought a house
June 05 - June 06 - Denver,Co - John took great job - big career step
July 06-October 08 - Birmingham, Al - I was post pardum with a really hard baby, my mom and dad were really sick and I was too far away from home.
November 08 - May 09 - Kennedy, Al - we moved there to live FOC in my grandmothers house to pay off our debt. John moved to a contractor role in his career and was working from home. In March he lost his contracts due to economy
June - July 09 - NYC - John is contracting with a company here. This is a great place to spend a summer (maybe a little longer) but we don't think this is a long term place for us.
August 09 - stay tuned for an update....

So for a wrap up :
*11 moves in 9 years of marriage (some short and small - not the whole set up house but the whole live out of suitcase)
*8 moves for Jake in his 5 years of life
*4 states for us - Jake too

I am sure you are in agreement with me that this is way too many moves. Some have been for financial reasons, one to go back to school, one was forced upon us (NYC), one due to me being seriously hormonal (we both chalk this one up to our mistake move that caused the other moves following it). But in all these moves we have learned so much. I bet we know way better than any of you what our dream house would look like - layout - if we ever were to have our dream house. :) But this has been our road and we have embraced it and all it brought with it. However, after much prayer we have decided that this journey must come to an end. We do not believe that we are they type of people who will ever dig deep and put in roots for the long haul (though we both wish that were true at times). But God has wired us different (mainly my sweet husband). We will always have an open hand to the Lord's leading and though we think some of our decisions were bad in hindsight we have met God in every place and learned things about each other and ourselves and people and God that we would not have learned had our life been still. But we have decided that it is time to find a place and settle for a period of time. After that happens, we are committing to not even discuss what next until 3 years with no plans for moving for 5. John and I have some specific things that we want to see happen in our lives before we move again. So this is were we are. I will give specifics soon. Please pray for wisdom.


alieta young casey said...

You are the best tease. So if I say I want to start a homeschool co-op with you, will you move back to the 'ham? (: And I will be praying, but mostly selfish prayers, just so you know.

April Brown said...

I agree with Alieta except for the homeschool co-op :) come back !!!

Jill said...

Praying for God's will and for it to be clear, sometimes it is hard because we want to be in His will but it is not always that clear, so praying for deep convictions on where, when, how, and what you guys need to do. Peace and love, Jill

Donna said...

Wow- I didn't know you'd moved so much....I'll be excited to see your next step!

Angie Davis said...

i so understand (even though we have not had to move nearly as much. wow.). praying for you guys, and hoping our paths cross again (i need to fill you in on our past week!).

Jenn said...

Definitely praying for you all! And secretly hoping for something to bring you this way again!! ;)

Dylan will be in NYC in a couple weeks on a mission trip w/ DCC Youth group.